tell_umschlag_engl_250The Legend of Wilhelm Tell
A graphic novel after Friedrich Schiller

This graphic novel tells the story of the marksman William Tell and his fight against the tyrant bailiff Gessler and the premise of the Swiss struggle for independence from the Habsburg Empire in the early 14th century. Directly adapted from Schiller’s famous play and beautifully drawn, this graphic novel offers the perfect reading experience for all ages.

This new adaptation of “The Legend of William Tell” is a modern and easily accessible graphic novel that will rekindle the myth for new readers.

The Legend of William Tell
ISBN: 978-3-906885-02-5
Story: Nicolas Meylaender
Art: David Boller
Format: 48 pages, 21 X 29.7 cm, color, hardcover
Audience: 9-99

With a personalized sketch by David Boller!

Price (incl. shipping): CHF 24.- / € 20.-

Price (incl. shipping): CHF 32.- / € 28.-

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