• Finally: William Tell as a graphic novel!

    wilhelm_tell-39The whole world knows the famous scene in which William Tell shoots an apple from his own son’s head. But do you know how it got to that point and which implications the apple shot would have for his family and Switzerland as a nation?
    Friedrich Schiller, German author, poet and friend of Goethe, described these circumstances in his 1804 play “William Tell”. Although his work had a groundbreaking impact on culture in the widest sense, it was rarely well-treated in modern culture, like films and graphic novels.

    Nicolas Meylaender, author of the graphic novel, adds: “Like everybody, all I knew about the legend was the apple shot sequence, and when I read Schiller’s play, I became aware that more than the symbol of a country, William Tell is a symbol of independence and liberty.”

    Illustrator David Boller adds: “I was surprised to find out that this popular subject has not already been published as a contemporary graphic novel version. It was therefore a pleasure to use my entire skill set to make Schiller’s famous play accessible to a new generation of readers.”

    Discover the fascinating world of Schiller’s play with this faithful and beautifully crafted graphic novel adaptation.
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